Health Care Bargaining and Strike Vote Update


Bargaining Update

Dear Unifor Members in the Health Care Bargaining Unit:

The Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions (Unifor, NSGEU, CUPE and NSNU) today requested that the Nova Scotia Labour Board settle the outstanding issues and finalize an Essential Services plan for the IWK. The Labour Board has 30 days to hear submissions from both the Employer and the Council of Unions and reach a conclusion on the remaining issues.

At the end of this process the IWK will have an Essential Services plan.

The Council of Unions, Health Care Bargaining Unit, has worked hard to reach an Essential Services plan that meets the needs of its members as well as ensures the health and safety of patients.

The Council of Unions believes that the remaining issues cannot be resolved through negotiations with the Employer and is using the process provided under the Essential Health and Community Services Act to empower the Labour Board to finalize the plan.

The application to the Labour Board is the next logical step and aligns with the Council of Unions decision to hold a strike vote among the 6,500 members of the Health Care Bargaining Unit across Nova Scotia.

Negotiations for a new collective agreement and for essential services plans which are now required by law have been frustrating at best. It is time for us to send a strong message to the Employers and government that we expect them to take collective bargaining and the Council’s proposals seriously and to work with the Council of Unions to get a negotiated deal.

The primary goal of the both the strike vote and sending the essential services plan to the Labour Board is to create enough pressure that the Employers and the government will engage in meaningful negotiations and complete a new collective agreement.

We are still working to complete an Essential Services plan with the Nova Scotia Health Authority.
Strike Vote Update

Unifor strike vote meetings are being coordinated and notice to members with dates and times will be send out in the coming days. If you have any questions you can be in contact with Susan Gill or Jamie Pollock. Their emails are below.

The strike vote is an important next step in the bargaining process to get health care members a new collective agreement. After more than a year of bargaining the Employers have slowed the pace of bargaining significantly over the last two months.
The NSHA and IWK continue to table proposals that would negatively impact members and their families. For example, the Employer wants the ability to move employees to any region of the province at their discretion. This would create instability and uncertainty for thousands of families around the province. This would be unacceptable to Unifor.
After more than a year of bargaining, the Employers recently tabled their sick leave proposal. The Employers are proposing taking control of your health and dental benefits plans so they can unilaterally make changes to your benefits. The Council has proposed that benefits plans cannot be altered without the approval of the Unions.

The Council of Unions, NSHA and IWK have further conciliation dates set for April 10th, 11th, 12th and again on May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

For more information contact:
Jamie Pollock (President Unifor 4600) at mailto:@email call 902-578-1564.
Susan Gill (Unifor Servicing Representative) at @email or call 902-562-3857.