Nursing Council Award


Collective agreement awarded for Nursing Bargaining Unit

On November 30, 2018, mediator/ arbitrator William Kaplan issued an award that now establishes a collective agreement for Employees within the Nursing Bargaining Unit.  Unifor LPN’s in this bargaining unit deliver services within Industrial and Northern Cape Breton employed by the NSHA.

The process to achieve this award and thus collective agreement has been unique.  Members in all four bargaining units voted (April 2018) with an overwhelming majority to enter into this process to reach their first collective agreement under the new bargaining Council of Unions.  Healthcare, Administrative Professional and Health Support bargaining units were previously awarded their collective agreements by Kaplan along with Nursing.  The award was issued for Nursing after negotiations with the Employer beginning in early September 2018.  This award finalizes collective bargaining within this unit and a collective agreement is now in place.

The Council of Unions is comprised of membership from four unions, Unifor, CUPE, NSGEU and NSNU.  The Nursing Bargaining Committee was represented by members from Unifor, CUPE, NSNU and NSGEU from all areas of the province and former DHA’s and IWK.

All monetary provision will take effect on the day of this award while all language changes will take effect sixty ( 60 ) days after the award.  The new health care agreement can be found on the National Site

Unifor represents members in this bargaining unit employed with the NSHA in Cape Breton.  Our members will notice a significant change in the appearance and layout of the new collective agreements.

Some of these changes include:

  • Changed schedule
  • Work Area Specific Casual Lists
  • Job Posting language
  • New definitions of Short and Long Assignments
  • Timeframes for posting of schedules
  • Stand by and call back rates
  • Shift and Weekend premium increases
  • Vacation Scheduling and time frames for picking
  • Vacation Carry Over
  • July 1st holiday as opposed to Canada Day
  • Changes in immediate family for bereavement leave
  • New definitions for Leaves
  • Change in pro ration of benefits for part time employees
  • Loss of retirement allowance as per Bill 148, many members have opted to take early payout
  • Uniform allowance

There will be several town hall meetings scheduled in the New Year to explain these changes before the new language will take effect.  Watch for upcoming meeting in a variety of locations.

If you have any questions before then please contact

Susan GillNational Representative at @email or 902-562-3857

Jamie Pollock Unifor Local 4600 at @email or 902-539-9024

Shauna Wilcox Unifor Local 4600 Nursing Bargaining Member at @email or 902-595-0653