Postcard Campaign


Hi Folks 

Bargaining new contracts are about to begin for NSHA. 

Information updates and voting will be done on line. We are attempting to get email addresses from our NSHA members. We have started a post card campaign.. which will be mailed out to the members on Friday of this week . This postcard explains what the local is attempting to do and instructions on how to enter their email address. With that said we will still need our NSHA unit chairs to be in the loop for the following :

  •  We already have the NSHA unit chair emails but we still need you to submit yours on the site. 
  • Also we want our members to know that if the only email address they have is their work one, we will accept that one to submit.

Lastly, Some members may have not been on the employer address list. Other members may be on the list, but have moved and never did update their new address with the employer. Please let us know if someone approaches you and tells you they didn’t receive a postcard. We will get them one.  Thanks for your assistance.

Jamie Pollock 
Unifor 4600