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General Membership Meeting Feb 21 at 7:00pm

  • Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • 56 Nepean St, Sydney
  • 7:00pm


  • Financial Report
  • Committee Updates
  • New Business:
  • Health Care Bargaining Update
  • CLC Update
  • Any new business that may arise


In solidarity,

Jamie Pollock- President Unifor Local 4600


Why did Unifor leave the CLC?

This dispute is about the governance of the Canadian Labour Congress and its failure to prevent attacks on workers from their U.S.-based unions. The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has rules in place to ensure workers have democratic rights, and that Canadian members of U.S. unions have clear autonomy. Unfortunately, this is not being followed or respected. Unifor is gravely concerned with U.S.-based unions trampling on the rights of workers and has made the decision to disaffiliate.

Healthcare Unions bargaining update November 6, 2017

Conciliation begins November 9 with the Nova Scotia Council of Healthcare Unions, which is trying to reach a fair collective agreement for hundreds of workers in employed by the Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK. The council is made up of bargaining committee members from Unifor, NSGEU, CUPE and NSNU.
The Department of Labour and Advanced Education has appointed Christina Browning to act as conciliator and meetings are scheduled for November 9, 10, and 16.

Health care talks break down, head to conciliations

After 22 days of negotiations, multiple pieces of Liberal legislation attacking workers’ rights, and employers who are attempting to take away key benefits from healthcare workers in Nova Scotia, bargaining talks have finally broken down between the Nova Scotia Council of Healthcare Unions, the NSHA and IWK.

As a result the NSHA and IWK have filed for the help of a conciliator from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

Labour Day 2017 September 4

Come out and join us on September 4th at the Open Hearth Park to celebrate Labour Day

Noon till 2pm

Free BBQ, music, magic show, balloon animals, face painting, games and prizes

Message from Lana Payne Atlantic Regional Director on Bill 148

Dear Unifor Members,

Yesterday, Premier Stephen McNeil and his cabinet proclaimed Bill 148 which imposes wage freezes and concessions on thousands of workers across the province, including 4,800 Unifor members, who work health care, long-term care and in government-funded or regulated workplaces.

Sarabeth Forbes


Unifor expresses its profound sadness at the death of Sarabeth Anne Forbes. She was a well-loved worker at Parkland Cape Breton, an assisted living facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia and member of Local 4600. She will be missed by her co-workers and residents alike.

Condolences to family, friends and coworkers of Sara Beth

Dear members of Local 4600,

We wish to share our profound sadness with members of Unifor Local 4600 at the death of our sister and member Sara Beth Forbes. The news has reached the far corners of the country as members, staff and leadership share the grief of this tragedy. 

In times of struggle and pain, our union is a place where we may find a listening ear, a comforting shoulder and indeed a source of strength. That is perhaps nowhere more true than in Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia Election 2017

Dear Nova Scotia Unifor Locals:

The rumour mill is rampant.

Premier Stephen McNeil is expected to call an election this spring, likely early May after bringing down and passing the budget.

The budget is expected the week of April 25 when the Legislature re-opens.

There are many reasons not to support the McNeil Liberals

Bill 1. Bill 30. Bill 37. Bill 100. Bill 148. And Bill 24 are just a few. These are the seven different pieces of legislation that have attacked unions, collective bargaining and suppressed wages for all Nova Scotians.

Fax information for notices

Hi Folks,

To be better able to notify you of meetings and updates we would like for you to supply us with the following... Your site/your dept and the fax number for your department. You can either send it through the contact link on our home page or by emailing @email Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Health Care Bargaining Update

The Healthcare Council of Unions and the NSHA and IWK completed a round of mediation yesterday at the request of the Labour Board, which has resulted in an agreement to re-start bargaining toward a new collective agreement.

The Healthcare Council of Unions (made up of NSGEU, Unifor, CUPE and NSNU health care workers across the province) had filed a complaint with the Labour Board in January because of the IWK and NSHA’s failure to tell the Unions what new sick leave plan they were proposing and what new health and dental benefits plan they were proposing.

Change in election vote date for Northern Sites only

Please note that due to the blizzard conditions being called for February 16th the vote for our bi election scheduled for Baddeck/Inverness/Cheticamp/Neil's Harbour Hospitals and Highland Manor Nursing Home has been rescheduled for Monday February 27th (same times that were previously scheduled).

Bi Election Voting Times Feb 16 to Feb 24

Please note the voting times/dates for the upcoming bi election.We were hoping to be able to do electronic voting, however that will not be possible for this bi election. We will do everything in our power to make sure the system is set up for our elections in 2019.


Unifor is committed to building the strongest and most effective union to bargain on behalf of our members, work with our members to improve their rights, and extend the benefits of unionization to non-unionized workers in Canada.  We are also concerned about the lives of our members’ families.  We recognize that post-secondary education is out of reach for many working-class children due to skyrocketing tuition fees.  To assist in making education more accessible, we’ve established 28 scholarships worth $2,000.00 each.

Acute Care Bargaining Update - Labour Complaint Lodged Against The NSHA & IWK

The Health Care Bargaining Council, including members of your bargaining committee, has made a formal bargaining complaint today against your employers with the Labour Board.

Bargaining between the Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions and the NSHA and IWK has stalled because the Employers are refusing to tell the Unions what they are proposing for key aspects of the new collective agreements.

Front-line long-term care workers meet with opposition parties

(Halifax) - Long-term care providers from Unifor locals across Nova Scotia met with opposition party leaders and critics this week to discuss the damage caused by government budget cuts.

“Budget cuts have impacted every level of long-term care, from reduced food budgets and staffing levels to increased work-load and stress for workers. This all has an impact on the care residents and seniors receive,” said Lana Payne, Unifor’s Atlantic Regional Director.


Notification will be out today and tomorrow for nominations in our bi election for Vice President and Trustee. Susan Gill President of Local 4600 has accepted a job with our National Union. According to our Constitution the VP (Jamie Pollock) steps into the role of President and the role of VP is filled through an election. We had a current trustee Debbie Thompson retire and once again through our Constitution it states that the position must be filled through an election.